With over 20 years of engineering design experience and nearly 30 years of construction contracting and management, Civil Solutions has you covered. 


By combining civil design experience with construction management solutions, Civil Solutions has the knowledge to handle all of your infrastructure needs! 


Civil Solutions specializes in the following:       


· Professional Engineering Consulting Services

· Civil Design for Municipal or Commercial Projects

· Civil Design/Build for Site Work and Private Developments

· Water Systems

· Wastewater Systems

· Site Utilities

· Storm Drainage Analysis

· Storm Sewer Design

· Erosion Control/SWPPP Implementation

· Site Grading

· Land Development

· Roadway and Pavement Design

To contact us:

16439 Briar Street  

Omaha, NE  68136 

(402) 895-5633         


Daniel E. Norman, PE    |     (402) 871-6841 (Cell)      |     dan@civsolutions.com


Kelly G. Thompson, PE     |     (402) 720-0373 (Cell)     |     kelly@civsolutions.com